Teacher Em-Em

Teacher Em

Teacher Em-Em

Education experience:

Bachelor Degree, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Major in English, Thammasat University

What do you like about teaching and being a teacher?

I never thought that I would become a teacher until I realized that I have taught so many things to children while I’m playing with them. I’m so proud of myself when kids like playing with me. I realized that small children are so innocent like blank canvas. I would like to create a wonderful picture on those blank spaces. And the perfect brush for painting their minds is LOVE.

How do you feel about Helen Doron English Method?

Helen Doron English method is the perfect way to teach English for young children. With the unique style, which is totally different from the old fashion of teaching, the kids will love coming to class. They will learn without knowing that they are learning. It is more like PLAYING! Helen Doron’s classes provide various kinds of activities, games, songs, props, and sometimes real experiments which children will definitely love it. Behind the fun, the result of learning English is absolutely amazing.

Any inspiring thought?

Seeing students’ success fulfills teachers’ self esteem.

What is your educational motto/mantra?

The best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book.
– Unknown Author

“If you study to ‘remember’, you will forget, but if you study to ‘understand’, you will remember” – Unknown Author